Better data, better care

Better data is key to improving outcomes, managing chronic disease and managing population health. Data must be kept and accessed for the lifetime of the patient.

Lifelong health records require open data

How will we access the vast amounts of health data we have today 50 years from now?


Proprietary health data

Most health data is vendor dependent, proprietary, tied to the application that produced it.

Data loss and migration

Systems were not designed for data outliving the application, making lifelong health records difficult. When a replacement of an application occurs, a lot of data is lost.



Structured data stored in silos

Interestingly, some types of data, like images and documents are already are being stored in vendor neutral repositories.

The problem is: structured clinical data is still kept in silos. To make matters worse, healthcare is generating over 3 petabytes of such non-interoperable, siloed data per day in the US alone!

Open data

Since this data must be shared between applications and kept for the lifetime of the patient, it must also become open and independent of the application and vendor. What has happened to images and documents has to happen to all health data.

We see: open and vendor independent health data are the key requirement for the future.


Mobile Access to health data

The mobile revolution has changed the way users consume application content. The device of choice is mobile.


Access to health data

Large monolithic applications are being split into smaller apps focusing on a handful of relevant features. So I have an app for data on my fitness, another for my sugar levels and a third for checking my lab results.

The problem is: these apps do not talk to each other.

Open health data platform

What if all these apps could plug into the same data platform?

Introducing Think!EHR Platform™!

Think!EHR Platform™ is a health data platform based on open, community-sourced clinical data models. It provides the APIs and the tools: to facilitate the developers to easily build the next generation of compelling healthcare apps and to enable the integration into existing environments.


In use today

Examples of the benefits our platform has provided to our customers.

eHealth programmes

eHealth Programmes, like the City of Moscow's, use Think!EHR Platform™ to ensure they will have quality data for their 12 million inhabitants for years to come, by deploying our platform and making vendors compete on application functionality not by locking them into proprietary data models.



EHR Vendors

EHR vendors like Cambio Healthcare Systems from Sweden can achieve a significant time-to-market advantage through Think!EHR Platform™ by providing their customers with solutions like clinical decision support apps that are portable across their customer base.

Go from idea to app in one hour!

Imagine you could go from idea to app in one hour? Imagine a diabetes management initiative. An analyst and a clinician would select the necessary clinical models, design web forms using a visual form builder and publish them for immediate use by existing applications. After they enter the data, they could design the required reports for analytics.