Think!EHR Platform

Vendor-neutral, Lifelong, Open Data.

Think!EHR Platform is a health data platform based on vendor-neutral open data standards designed for real-time, transactional health data storage, query, retrieve and exchange.




  • Standard based health data models
  • Based on knowledge artefacts
  • Standarized and structured health data
  • Patient centric, cross application

Semantic interoperability

  • Data normalization
  • Data sharing
  • Terminology binding
  • Standards based

Healthcare computing platform

  • Health analytics
  • Health data query language
  • Real-time alerting

Standards based


  • EN 13606, HL7 v2/CDA, IHE
  • IHE
  • openEHR
  • OMG CTS2/REST terminology

Benefits for


Governments and eHealth

Implement health data repository based on open-source, vendor-neutral clinical data models for creation of new solutions and services:

  • Life-long electronic patient health records used for care coordination and chronic disease management.
  • Clinical registries enabling population health management solutions.
  • Complements existing, document based HIE infrastructures with support for structured data.

Healthcare providers

Deploy a centralized vendor-neutral, lifelong open data health platform for EHRs, other disparate applications and health apps with the ability to:

  • Enhance research capabilities.
  • Streamline decision support rules generation and care planning.
  • Facilitate building of health data warehouses based on standardized data models.
  • Makes it possible to quickly develop new solutions using existing archetypes and templates.

Vendors / Developers

Deliver next-generation applications on a solid, standards based and semantically coherent platform, enabling:

  • Use of visual tools to jumpstart development of standards based EHR systems.
  • Implementation on proven, high-performance and scalableĀ health data platform.
  • Embedded, cluster, cloud or appliance deployment options.
  • Development of enterprise grade solutions with less investment to compete with bigger players.

Challenges addressed

Governments, regions and healthcare organizations are beginning to realize that the real value of health IT is comes not from the use of its applications but from understanding of the data. Today structured data stored in propriatery systems is not shared, making care coordination, real-time analytics and knowledge discovery difficult.



Proprietary data


Health data should be independent of the application and vendor and must be kept and accessed for the lifetime of the patient.



Disparate systems


EHR systems, clinical decision support systems and analytic tools need to compute on coherent health data, aggregated from disparate data repositories.



Semantic interoperability

Detailed clinical models need be able to sustain their computable meaning, when data is exchanged between differing computer systems.



Access to data


The health information systems of today are creating peta-bytes of health data, which needs to be easily accessible in a consistent manner.

Tools and features

Think!EHR platform includes a suite of tools to assist all stages of the development, operations and integration lifecycle.




EHR Server

  • High-performance and scaleable
  • Cross EHR contribution commital
  • Full text and Semantic search
  • Event/Trigger framework
  • Multi-tenant
  • IHE MPI connector
  • IHE XDS Repository interface

EHR Explorer

  • AQL Query builder
  • AQL Editor
  • Knowledge artefacts management
  • Form builder
  • Clinical guidelines execution
  • EHR developer toolkit


  • Standalone, clustered, appliance or cloud solution
  • Using intelligent caching, indexing, sharding and clustering to achieve near linear scalability and performance
  • Proven, high-performance and scalable implementation on 20M patients, 1B documents, 25TB data with average query response time less than 1s