SMART Enablement of Think!Med Clinical™: Growth Charts

Over the summer, an European EHR vendor took quick advantage of SMART-enabling its EHR system, adding in the SMART API to enable it to offer both the SMART Pediatric Growth Chart and SMART Blood Pressure Centiles apps. Marand, provider of the Think!Med Clinical™ EHR system, adopted SMART, incorporating it into their openEHR-based system along with these initial apps, which were promptly made available for users at the 200-bed Children’s Hospital of Ljubljana University Medical Centre in Slovenia.

Tomaz Gornik, Co-Founder and Vice President at Marand, voiced his enthusiasm for the implementation: "As an EHR vendor, we understood the need of our users to share data and content like order sets or clinical guidelines between applications. But sharing of (application) functionality was very difficult until the mobile computing revolution brought forth the concept of apps. We immediately started thinking of an app store concept to expand the functionality of our applications. What was missing to make this a reality was an API like SMART to standardize app access to clinical data, enabling sharing of apps between systems."

"Having built Think!Med Clinical™ on an openEHR-based clinical data repository, we found it very easy to implement the SMART API in a matter of days. The Growth Chart app was integrated, translated and put in production in a couple of weeks. Since our clinicians use different growth charts, we also needed to add the UK1990 percentiles to the app. With more experience, integrating other apps like the BP Centiles was even quicker, clearly demonstrating the value provided by SMART Platforms," concluded his enthusiasm Tomaz Gornik, Co-Founder and Vice President at Marand.

Integrating the SMART API into Think!Med Clinical™ opens up platform to innovation. Sophisticated apps built by researchers and developers from around the world now seamlessly run inside the solution, providing great value to customers of Think!Med Clinical™.

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SMART ( — Substitutable Medical Applications & Reusable Technology — is based at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, both in Boston, MA. SMART’s goal is to create a platform across different Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems that will allow them to offer more value to their customers by drawing upon the vast reserve of innovative third-party design and development.

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