Think!EHR Platform™ a finalist for best eHealth solution developed by an EU SME

With the endorsement of the Health and Wellbeing Unit of DG CONNECT of the European Commission, TICBioMed organizes the EU SME eHealth Competition. This initiative rewards the best eHealth solutions produced by European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Think!EHR Platform™ was chosen as one of 16 most innovative solutions from a list of more than 150 applicants in this year’s competition. The finalists will compete for three top prizes at World of Health IT conference in Nice, France on April 2nd. For more information, see

“We are delighted to be chosen as a finalist in the eHealth Competition, having spent three years developing what we believe is the premier clinical data repository on the market. Healthcare is starting to realise that the real value of IT is not in applications but data. Good data is the key to improving outcomes, managing chronic disease and especially enabling population health management. Further, clinical data must be stored and retrieved for the lifetime of the patient, which means it must become vendor-independent as has already happened with images (PACS) and documents (HL7/CDA). This is why we based our platform on open data standards,” said Tomaz Gornik, CEO at Marand

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